4 Places To Take Your Kayak This Summer

Published on Jun 18, 2015 Blog Image

Did you know the first Kayaks were made out of seal skin? Surprisingly, early hunters would stretch the skin over a wooden (or in some cases) whale bone frame. They were used for hunting & gathering of various resources. Kayaks have come a heck of a long way since those days, available in different styles for different uses. These four water trails are sure to be a good time for you and your kayak this Summer, just remember to choose the one that’s right for your skill level & always wear a lifejacket. Enjoy!

Susquehanna River Water Trail

This location is sure to provide an adventure for those willing enough to face the might of this river. Endurance is the key at Susquehanna as this water trail runs 51-miles from start to finish. But don’t worry, while riding the current you will pass by 22 publicly owned islands for primitive camping & day use by paddlers & other boaters. Island 89 and island 93 are especially popular. These islands are great for taking a break to stretch the legs and eat lunch, or sleep overnight. It all depends on your group and how much you want to do each day. Nobody says you have to travel all 51-miles either! Many people stop at a checkpoint long before the end. Just be sure to have a friend waiting to pick you up!

Sherman's Creek Water Trail

If the Susquehanna river trail listed above sounds like a bit more than you’re looking for, fear not. Sherman’s Creek Water Trail is a lazy, meandering tributary of the Susquehanna river. Much like a lazy river attraction found at some water parks, this creek water trail gently guides you from start to finish. The trail winds around mountains and passes and under multiple bridges keeping your eyes entertained from start to finish. The total length spans 4-miles and takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to complete. Perfect for families, Sherman's Creek would be great for your next family vacation.

The Lehigh River Water Trail

This trail begins at White Haven and ends in the city of Easton where the river converges with the Delaware. Along the way you can fish for trout, smallmouth bass, catfish, and musky. The Lehigh consists of a Northern section and a Southern section. The northern is characterized by deep gorges and fast moving water spanning 41-miles long. Only experienced kayakers are recommended in this body of water. The southern section becomes wider than the northern, resulting in calmer waters taking you alongside beautiful rolling hills. Numerous access points can be found in both sections of this river.

Conowingo Lake

In case flowing rivers aren’t your cup of tea, Conowingo makes for a great alternative and fun outing to say the least. The lake has several islands available for exploration making this an excellent day trip. While on the lake you might see deer and/or bald eagles if you’re lucky. Conowingo has a diverse fish population making it a favorite for anglers of all ages! Campsites are available for both tent and RV campers alike so plan your next vacation today!

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