Dash App Available for Detailed Driving Stats

Published on Jan 27, 2014

Connect to Your Vehicle with Dash

Available now on the Google Play Store, and soon on the iTunes App Store, is Dash. Dash is a new mobile application for smartphones to easily bring you closer to your vehicle. Get real-time feedback, understand your check engine light, and compare driving scores with friends and family.


The beauty of the Dash app lies in the simplicity of the required set up. All you need is a generic OBD adaptor and a smartphone with bluetooth. Dash will work with any bluetooth-enabled OBD adaptor. You can find them on Amazon  for about $10. Installing the OBD device is as simple as plugging it in under your dash. If you've ever used Snapshot by Progressive, than you've already used an OBD device.


Once you're connected, you can enjoy the real-time feedback and performance of your vehicle in a beautiful interface. Dash will use your location and GPS to find the cheapest gas stations when you're running low on gas. The app will also measure you're gas milage in real-time so you can easily keep track of your driving habits at any time.

Remove the Hassle & Confusion

The check engine light; potentially the most confusing and scary light to see on the road. What does it mean? Where's the issue? Where do I take my car? Dash has all the answers. Dash can easily decode any check engine light warnings and give you detailed information on what exactly needs to be fixed. On top of that, dash will give you an estimate on the repair costs so you know you're getting a fair deal at the repair shop.

Stay Connected

Ever wanted to prove to your friends you're a better driver? Do it with Dash. Dash monitors your car's performance based on your driving habits and assess a score. Dash will even provide tips on how to drive better to save gas and improve your score!

Dash for RVs

With the universal interface with Bluetooth OBD, you can easily use Dash with your favorite RV. Whether it's a motorhome or hauling a trailer with your truck, you can easily get detailed driving stats in any vehicle. How will you use Dash app in your vehicle? Prove to a friend you're the better driver or measure your fuel efficiency when towing your camper on your next road trip? Tell us in the comments!