Education on the Road

Published on Jul 17, 2014

Education on the road

Just because school is out for the summer, doesn't mean kids should stop learning.  There are plenty of things to do to keep up with your child’s education even while you are on the road this summer.  Museums are a way to get kids interested in a variety of different things while not feeling like they are sitting in a classroom.  There are plenty across the nation for you and your kids to explore. Check out the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA.  This museum provides kids with the hands on experience they need to suffice their developmental needs at all age levels.  Each one of the exhibits at the Please Touch Museum offers exposure to the senses as well as exhibits just to have fun.   A couple of the exhibits include Rain-forest Rhythm, Roadside Attractions, and River Adventures.  The best part is you can tie some of the things they’ll learn in these exhibits to your road trips. At the Roadside Attractions exhibit, kids can set up road signs and collect tolls; they get the chance to learn how to repair a car and fill a gas tank, and they can create their own fantasy vehicle in the Body Shop section.  Once you are back on the road, let them help out filling up the gas tank and checking the tires for flats. They'll feel like they got to use the knowledge they gained. The River Adventures exhibit allows kids to journey down the river to explore the sights and sounds of nature.  They’ll learn the varieties of animals that live in prairies and ponds and learn about their habitats.  Kids can also have fun racing sailboats in simulated river currents, play with bubbles and learn how rainbows are made.  When you finally park at your campsite, walk around with your kid(s) and see what animals and plants they recognize. The Please Touch Museum offers a variety of different events monthly.  This Sat, June 19th is their Philly Sports Festival from 9am -12pm.  Members and mascots from the Philadelphia pro sports teams will be on hand to interact with the kids and teach them the ins and outs of basketball, baseball, football, etc.  At noon, join members of the Philadelphia Sixers, Eagles, Flyers and Union as they march in the Philly Sports parade.  This is an event even Dad can enjoy! So, make sure to include the Please Touch Museum on your list of travels this summer and keep education fun and interesting for the kids while on summer break.

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