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Published on Jan 13, 2014

Are you sitting in the comforts of your home thinking about what trips you want to take in your RV this year? Well why wait? Pennsylvania has a multitude of activities you can take part in right now. So don't use the excuse that  you're "waiting until it warms up", venture outside and check out these winter activities for the whole family!

Fernwood Hotel and Convention Center-  the Fernwood Hotel and offers access to their Winter Fun Center where guests can go snow tubing down the hills of the Pocono Mountains. They offer daily passes and discounted rates. You can also go horseback riding on the trails that wind through the scenic mountains and really capture the beauty of the pristine white snow and exotic animals that inhabit the area during the winter months.  

Warren County Winter Fest- This fun-filled festival offers activities for all ages. It runs Jan 17-19 at Chapman State Park in Clarendon, PA.  On Saturday they have sled dog races, ice fishing, snow sculpting, a card board box sled derby, and of course the Polar Plunge! Sunday offers toboggan races and the first ever Outhouse race demo; a can't miss on anyone's list.

Hershey, PA-The ever popular Hershey, PA hosts their "Chocolate Covered February" every year for the entire month. Visitors can experience a chocolate dinner extravaganza, tasting adventure where you'll taste anything chocolate you can think of and more. They also host a Wine and Chocolate event where you can sample the best wines and what chocolate to pair them with; and a Martini Mixology class where you'll learn the craft of chocolate martini making. Pennsylvania has so many events and attractions to offer throughout the entire year! So don't wait until the weather gets warmer to fire up the old RV, get out and explore today. Be sure to stop by Starr's Trailer Sales in Brockway to pick up any essentials you might need along the way.

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