Get in the RV Christmas Spirit!

Published on Dec 18, 2013

RVs & Christmas, like PB&J

Just in case you were wondering, it is incredibly easy to get pumped for the holiday season and show off your enthusiasm for RVing! Check out these cool examples of holiday RV spirit and RV Christmas decorations in action:

Breaking Bad Gingerbread RV

AMC's mega-hit Breaking Bad recently ended with one of the biggest and critically-acclaimed finales in all of human history. The show ended months ago, but fans are still finding ways to express their love for it. Much like this creation: The Sugar Plum Cake Shop in France created this work of edible art to commemorate America's favorite meth cooks in traditional gingerbread fashion. Which is also a sentence that would have seemed insane 5 years ago.

Decorate Your Tree with Cousin Eddie

Christmas Vacation is a holiday favorite for many families. The classic comedy from 1989 can be found on nearly any cable channel if you're one of the 20 people in America without a copy. Show off your favorite run-down movie RV on your Christmas tree with a Cousin Eddie RV Ornament from Hallmark.  Hopefully, you grabbed one of these cute little ornaments during the original distribution. They run for over $200 on eBay now.

Light-up Your Home With RV Party Lights

Need a change-up from the standard and tired string of lights on your tree? Want something a little more fun you can use year-round? Of course you do.


Grab a sting of retro travel trailer party lights from Amazon. These cute little lights resemble the classic look of old-school campers and trailers and will add a special accent to any Christmas tree. Not to mention, you can use them year-round for any party or get together.

It's Not Too Late

Christmas may be  around the corner right now, but it's not too late to dress up your tree to show off your RV affinity. Show off your decorations below and maybe you'll find some inspiration! You can never have too many RV Christmas decorations, right? Have a great holiday season! We'd love to see you at Starr's Trailer Sales after our seasonal shut down!

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