Labor Day Food Post...

Published on Aug 31, 2013
At Starr’s trailer sales we hope that you are able to get out and enjoy the upcoming three day weekend! As a quick reminder- we will be closed August 31st through September 2nd and we will reopen on Tuesday the 3rd.   A recent topic of debate around the dealership recently has been the greatest camping recipes. Everyone seems to have their personal favorite ranging from burger creations to s’more mutations and everything in between. One brought up recently sounded particularly tantalizing- and I thought I’d share it on the blog… You know, just in case people out there love delicious food like I do.  It’s called Corral Casserole and it requires the following ingredients (for 5 servings):  
  • ½ pound bacon
  • 1 pound hamburger
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 2 cans of bbq beans
  • 1/3 cup bbq sauce
  • 1 package of biscuits
  Now- this recipe, although it can be cooked via other means, if you’re doing it right- you’ll be out of your travel trailer or fifth wheel and grilling it in a skillet over a fire… And here’s how:  
  • First cook the bacon. Once it is cooked- remove and drain the skillet- cut the bacon into pieces and set aside.
  • Second cook onion and hamburger in the skillet. Once meat is no longer pink- drain.
  • Third add the bacon, beans, and bbq sauce to the skillet and mix with hamburger and onion.
  • Fourth add the biscuits in a single layer across the skillet. Cover and let sit for 10 minutes or until the biscuits are cooked thoroughly.
  • Serve out the portions- add cheese if you’d like, and enjoy!
  Feel free to share with us your favorite camping recipes! We’d love to hear about them!