New Camping Products for 2015

Published on Feb 16, 2015

New Camping Gear 

One of our favorite things to do each year is take a look at new camping products that are taking the outdoor and camping scene by storm. New products are always exciting because they can not only make your life a lot easier, but they are fun to use!

If you are looking for the coolest and latest camping trends, look no further! Here are some of the new products that you should invest in this year or keep an eye on in the future!

Aesent: The Worlds Most Comfortable Tent

If you’re like most of us, one of the drawbacks of tent camping is that you have to use sleeping bags and mattress pads to avoid sleeping on the hard ground. Well with this new tent, you can have a great tent that is easy to set up and is as comfortable as a tent can be! What makes this tent so cool is that it includes an inflatable base. This means that instead of sleeping on the hard floor, the base of your tent is now a big puffy air mattress! Now if you ask us, that is what comfort is supposed to be! The tent is designed to be durable and withstand tons of weather conditions. It can also be set up in just minutes, with the large base inflating to make sure you have the best sleep ever. This is the world's most comfortable tent and one that you should definitely try out if you are going tent camping this year. Aesent hosted a Kickstarter for their tent and they were also featured in several magazines, but the tents are currently still in production and aren't available yet as far as we know. Stay tuned to Aesent for more updates on when these great tents will be available!

Go Anywhere Blanket

Blankets are one of the more trickier buys when discussing camping items. There are so man different kinds and types of blankets, that you usually end up bringing three or four different ones just to get through various points of your trip. But hopefully that can all stop with the new Go Anywhere Blanket designed by Tribe Provisions. Quoted as being the best multi-purpose blanket ever, it is made out of double rip-stop nylon which means it can withstand anything you put it through. Combined with the fact that it is mildew and weather resistant, you can get it wet and not have to worry about the smell or need for it to dry before using it. If you are looking for a comfortable, durable and machine-washable blanket, the Go Anywhere Blanket is just the right blanket for you. Use it when camping, tailgating, or as your new favorite indoor blanket. No matter where or what you use it for, you can be sure you won't need another blanket again. 

Wash 'N Go Compact Sink/Organizer

Now when you are out camping, one of the things that many people find annoying is that their isn't an easy way to wash your face/brush your teeth. While we all enjoy "roughing it" from time to time, sometimes it is nice to be able to clean your face and teeth in a civilized way. The Wash N Go Compact Sink is a great little tool that is made of rugged food grade polyethylene so that it can withstand any weather. The sink features 4 toothbrush holders, 2 shaver holders, a small vanity mirror, a travel toothpaste holder, cup rest and integrated soap bar tray. It also features an LED light so that you can see yourself and what you are doing when the sun goes down. 

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