Pennsylvania Fishing Festivals

Published on May 14, 2014

Pennsylvania Family Fishing Festivals

Imagine sitting in a boat early in the morning, enjoying the sounds of the frogs croaki

ng on the nearby shores and the birds singing in the trees.  All of a sudden you feel that slight tug on the end of your line.  A few seconds pass and then...another tug.  Next thing you know, your bobber is under water; you pull the line back and start to vigorously reel in what will soon be your breakfast.  Closer and closer he comes; you finally get him close enough to see those beady eyes looking up at you and you pull him out of the water to reveal your first catch of the day! Exciting, right? Fishing is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and can be a fun activity that families can partake in together.  That's why the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is holding Family Fishing Festivals this May and June to teach parents and kids of all ages how easy and fun it can be to take on fishing as a sport. Various state parks will be offering the use of their lakes for participants to learn basic fishing skills.  All equipment, boats and tackle will be provided by the PAFBC  free of charge and the states fishing license requirements will be waived for participants 16 and older during these programs. 

In addition, the state will host "Fish for Free" Days on Memorial Day, May 26th, and July 4th, where no licenses or fees will be required to fish.  The following are dates and locations for each of the remaining fishing festivals: May 17th- SW Region, North Park Lake in Allegheny county June 7th- NC Region, Bald Eagle State Park, Foster Joseph Sayers Lake, Centre County June 21st- NW Region, Presque Isle State Park, Waterworks Ponds, Erie County June 28th- NE Region, Lackawanna State Park, Lackawanna Lake, Lackawanna County For more details and times for each festival, visit Pack up your family in the RV and come join the PA Fish and Boat Commission for one of these fun festivals your family will be sure to enjoy! Starr's Trailer Sales Need a new travel trailer to haul around your family on your fishing trips? Stop by Starr's Trailer Sales in Brockway, PA to shop our line of new and used RV's for your travel needs.  We've got great deals on new 2014 models. Stop by today!

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