Pet RV Travel Tips

Published on May 30, 2014

Tips for Traveling with your Pet

Summer is here and you are anxious to get out and hit the open road for your first official RV road trip. But what about your best friend? Man's best friend that is....Our pets are like members of our family and sometimes we just can't bare to leave them behind while on vacation.  Well, in order to ensure you and your pet have the best road trip experience possible, follow these simple tips. The first thing to keep in mind when traveling with your pets is to know how well they handle road trips. If they get anxious or sick while traveling, it's probably not a good idea to bring them along.  Not only will it be stressful on them but it's as equally stressful on you and you want to enjoy your vacation. There are options for leaving your furry friend behind.  Taking them to a kennel, if they crave or need constant attention like a dog would, is probably your best choice. This ensures they will be well taken care of while you are away.

Cats on the other hand are pretty independent, so you are probably okay with just having a close relative or friend check on them every day or every other day until you return. If you know that your pet will be okay on long rides, then the first thing you will want to do is check in with your vet.  Make sure your pet is up to date on all its vaccinations and has a clean bill of health before traveling.  If you are a dog or cat owner, I would consider micro-chipping your pet as well.  In the case that your pet wanders off, it's an easy way to track your pet down.  Also, make sure that your pets ID tags are up to date with current rabies and contact information.   The second thing to consider is what to do with your pet while driving.  

You may want to consider blocking off certain parts of your RV so your pet is not wandering around aimlessly and getting into things they shouldn't be.  A pet under the gas or brake pedal can lead to accidents and injury.  Also, if unexpected braking occurs, your pet will go flying if not secured.  Another option would be to keep your animal in a crate for guaranteed security. Next, if you know what campsites you are staying at, make sure you know their pet policies ahead of time.  Knowing their leash policies and campsite policies will help avoid unwanted visits from patrol.  When you get to your campsite, consider talking to your neighbors as well to see what their pet comforts consist of.

 Some people don't mind a wandering, friendly dog or cat, but others have inhibitions about barking dogs while trying to relax on vacation. Make sure you pack everything that your pet will need for the trip.  Food, water, leash, treats, medication if needed, etc.  If your campsite neighbors prefer not to have furry visitors, make sure you bring tie downs or a dog run to keep your pet where it belongs.  If there is not much shade where you are camping, make sure you bring some sort of umbrella or cage with a cover to keep your pet cool.  For nighttime, bring a light to attach to your pets collar so you can keep track of their whereabouts. Lastly,  exercise your pet! Long rides can wreak havoc on not only your body but your pet's as well.  Be sure to get your pet out for exercise and a potty break at every stop to keep from injury.  Once you reach your destination, make sure they get enough exercise as well.  

Animals, dogs especially, need to be entertained. So take them along on your hiking or biking adventures, bring them on your fishing trips as long as they won't rock the boat or scare the fish away, and enjoy your time with them!  If your pet is happy, you'll be happy! Starr's Trailer Sales Starr's Trailer Sales in Brockway, PA has all the accessories you and your pet will need for your travels this summer. Stop by our parts store today and let our friendly staff assist you in picking out your camping essentials.    

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