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  • Published on Oct 07, 2014
    Cold Weather Camping

    Prepare for the Cold

    Now that fall is setting in, old man winter is not far away! For some this is the time to put the RV away for the winter and wait for warmer weather, but this does not have to be the case! Cold weather camping can be some of the most fun you can have, if you are prepared.

    If you want to take advantage of the great scenery and numerous recreational opportunities, take a look at how to prepare and some of the things you can do when you take your RV camping in the winter!

    What You Will Need

    One of the most important things to remember when you are planning for winter camping is that your checklist needs to be expanded quite a bit. Preparing for the cold is vital, and if you are not prepared for the weather, not only can your trip be in danger, but your health may be in danger as well. Here are some tips along with things you will need to make your winter camping trip a success.

    Layer Smart

    The key to keeping your body warm is to layer your clothing. Each layer plays a role in keeping you warm, allowing you to add or shed layers to increase or decrease your body heat depending on how cold it is and your level of activity. Remember, your body is the heat source, and your clothes are the ones trapping that heat in to protect you. If you have several layers on while doing activities, you can overheat and start to sweat. Finding the proper heat balance between the number of layers and your activity level is what you need to find.

    Clothes you need: 

    • Facemask/Hat - You can lose up to 70% of your heat through you head. Putting on a cap or a facemask goes a long way to keeping your entire body warm.
    • Mittens/Gloves - It is said that mittens are warmer than gloves because you don't have to deal with the curved nature of the glove. Also, fingers can keep each other warm in mittens, while in gloves the fingers are seperated.  It is smart to have an inner mitten with an outer mitten as well to give you layering capabilities.
    • Shoes/Boots Finding the right footgear depends a great deal on the activity you are doing as well as temperature and environment. The two general modes of travel are skiing or snowshoeing. In low snow areas regular boots are okay. Layering your socks can also help keep your feet warm, which is vital when doing a lot of activity.
    • Outer Layer - Your outer layer should preferably be a coat that is is windproof and at least water resistant. In some cases it may be best to have your coat fully waterproof.  In wet snow conditions if the garment is not waterproof the water tends to freeze to the garment, weighting you down and causing severe discomfort. 
    • Inner Layer - Your Inner Layer should be skin tight and also water proof. Most brands offer cold gear layers that can be worn underneath several articles of clothing and does wonders in keeping your core warm.


    Now that we have told you what you need to prepare for winter, how about some ideas for things to do while camping in the winter! Some of these will depend on what area you will be attending, but in Pennsylvania you can find a lot of these activities listed fairly easily.

    Winter Activities: 

    • skiing
    • cross country skiing
    • winter hiking
    • ice fishing
    • snow tubing
    • snowshoeing

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